Concrete Crushing and Screening

Our Services

A focus solely on quarrying, crushing and screening assures quality and delivery for our customers.



Safe blasting and excavation of material, stockpile management, and subsequent crushing and screening.

Quarry Management

Turnkey quarry management services to optimise production, product availability, share risk with our customers and improve their operational efficiency.


Crushing & Screening

Products supplied include:
•    Road base
•    Aggregate
•    Minus 100, 75 and 40
•    Gabion
•    Flood rock

 Our Equipment

Because we own all our equipment our customers cost and risks are lowered.

 Our commitment to reliability

Advance Civil implement a number of strategies that means the supply of product is assured.

We are able to maintain supply because:

  • We own a wide range of equipment, including fully mobile crushing and screening facilities, excavators, dump trucks and loaders. This means we ensure all equipment is maintained and operated for optimum performance with few breakdowns.
  • We have agreements with key suppliers, including OEMs, backed by 24/7 service.
  • Our workforce is fully trained in all aspects of equipment operation and maintenance.
  • We are able to deploy a mobile and self-contained workshop, equipped with the required tooling and spares, to ensure we can get equipment back on line quickly.
  • We invest in technologies that permit preventative maintenance regimes to be implemented.